Romi Patch

Quick methods

Quick Methods courses are very attractive and funny. I will show you how to make the process of cutting easy, fast and simple. If you will not finish your project during lessons or you will have a problem to continue alone at home you can come to Open Sessions or use Private Lessons.

We will use only 100% cotton fabrics. Wash and iron fabric before coming in class and remove the selvedges. Rinse dark colors separately in warm water to check for excess dye. Continue rinsing until water runs clear. Iron fabric when slightly damp for best results.

Each course is marked with the Level of difficulty:
beginner ♥, intermediate ♥♥, advanced ♥♥♥.

Kaleidoscope bag ♥♥
Quick methods ♥♥
Beautiful Advent ♥♥
Magic Stack-n-Whack ♥♥♥
Love Quilt ♥♥
Rail Fence
Maple Leaves ♥♥
Log Cabin – Plaid
Log Cabin Scrap Quilt ♥♥
Color Tiles ♥♥
Nine Patch Cloth ♥♥
Tree Skirt or Tablecloth ♥♥
Half-Yard Cruise Challenge ♥♥
Yuletide Wreath ♥♥♥

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